About Mona Liljedahl

Ms Mona Liljedahl is an educational expert on gifted and talented/most able learners in Sweden.

With an academic degree in Education, primarily as a high school/upper secondary teacher in Literature, Creative Writing, and ESL, ms Mona Liljedahl now works as a Special Educational Needs Organizer as well as a consultant and lecturer on gifted and talented/most able learners.

Ms Liljedahl is a co-writer of an educational guidance material on gifted and talented/most able learners published by the National Agency for Education of Sweden in 2015.

Ms Mona Liljedahl has written two books about gifted and talented/most able children; one about school children and their learning sutation (2017) and one about preschool children and early development (2018). Both books were published by Gothia Kompetens AB, Stockholm, Sweden. A third book is currently being written about necessary educational provision for gifted an talented/most able learners, called Educational ABC (Acceleration, Broadening, and Coaching).

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Click on the images to come to the book on the publisher’s website!

Enclosed is an abridged version of the book about gifted/most able students (2017) in English. Feel free to consult the excerpt to learn more.


Email for enquiries: monaliljedahl@hotmail.se

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