About Mona Liljedahl

Ms Mona Liljedahl is an educational expert on gifted/most able students.

She holds a Master’s of Education, working as a Special Educational Needs teacher in the Stockholm area as well as a consultant and lecturer on giftedness/high ability.

Mona is a co-writer of a guidance material on giftedness/high ability students for teachers, published by the National Agency for Education of Sweden in 2015.

In 2017, Mona’s book about gifted/most able students was published for Gothia Fortbildning AB, and she is currently writing a follow-up about pre-school children.

Email for enquiries: monaliljedahl@hotmail.se

Follow on Twitter: @monaliljedahl

Follow on Facebook: @monaliljedahlforfattare



Kategorier:Särskild begåvning/särbegåvning


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